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Failsafe protection device for use with all Nitro RC cars / Trucks / Truggys.



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This is a Failsafe device to stop damage occuring to your car and to property when it loses connection with the controller.
If connection is lost (or the controller is switched off) the failsafe will close the throttle and apply the brake bringing the car to a stop.
It is fitted inline between the Throttle Servo and the Reciever.

Fail safe to suit all nitro & petrol powered vehicles, helps prevent runaway vehicles (boats, cars etc) due to signal loss & low battery.

1. Weight: 6g 
2. Working volts: 4.8V-6V
3. Loading current: 7mA(4.8V)
4. Precision scope: <0.3%
5. Dimension: 37mm x 21mm x 9mm

Low battery warning.
Prevents accidents by detection low battery voltage, low radio battery voltage, no radio signal, and signal interference.

Stops vehicle by applying brake servo.

Compatible with 4.8V-6V receiver power source.

Requires: Connect fail-safe unit to throttle/brake servo and receiver.

Auxiliary safety device that constantly checks the pulse signal from the receiver by means of a CPU and turns on a fail safe (F/S) function if the pulse is disturbed by interference. When the power supply voltage drops, or a battery fail is detected. (B-F/S) function.

Compact and lightweight design does not affect servo performance.

Responds quickly to erroneous operation by interference, etc, and prevents loss of control of R/C models. Quick recall function quickly resets the F/S function and restores normal servo output signal from the receiver when the interference, etc. disappears.