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Service & Repair


If you are not confident in carrying out repairs yourself, or would like some help with servicing or tuning your vehicle, then we can help!

We have many years experience in everything from a full rebuild (as can be seen in some of our videos),through to a simple tune-up to keep the engine running smoothly.

We are also aware that many vehicles are run on a budget, and have tried to keep prices as economic as possible, beating many high street model shop prices.


Before any repair is carried out, a full inspection is made and an honest and accurate estimate is provided so you can decide to proceed, or not, depending on your budget. Following the agreement, all repairs are carried out to the highest standard using correct tools and practices.


Here are some examples of pricing:

£30.00 - Initial inspection and estimate (if the problem is quick and easy to fix, or is a simple tune-up, it is covered under this fee)
£15.99 - Pull start repair, rewind and rebuild, using Kevlar cord, new spring, handle and cord guide, where required (includes all required parts)
£39.99 - Engine Strip, clean and rebuild, including full tune-up, and refitting into the vehicle, where supplied. Any parts required are charged separately, and an estimate will be provided, prior to commencing replacements.
£29.99 - Radio system test and inspection, including setting trims and stops. Also includes crystal replacement if required. Price is the same for 27Mhz, 40Mhz or 2.4Ghz systems.
£44.95 - Thunder Tiger TS4N full Drive belt replacement service. Incudes tensioning, alignment and cam setting. Also includes spur gear mesh check and adjust. Price quoted includes all three belts supplied new.


All prices quoted include VAT, but do not include return shipping costs. I try to keep these as reasonable as possible and will advise exact pricing at the time.



Contact Us:

Tel: (If you are inside the UK) 07876 677762

Tel (If you are outside the UK) +44 7876 677762

Email: Enquiries@RCScrapyard.com

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