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Tamiya & Thunder Tiger Nitro One Way bearing Insert Pro 21R & TGS 43504



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The picture shows a One Way bearing insert which can be push fitted into the Tamiya TGSR/TNS engine, or the Thunder Tiger Pro21R engine ome way pull start bearing housings or Roto / Electric start bearing housings. 
Fits any 8mm  starter shaft
It is compatible with the following manufacturers of engines
Tamiya TGS / TGSR / TNS 7684167
Thunder Tiger Pro 21R
Listing is for 1 x brand new one way bearing insert, as shown in the picture.
I have created a "how to" series on YouTube which includes How To replace a one way bearing insert. Head over to the help and advice section of my website at rcscrapyard.com to see how easy it is!
simply drift out the old bearing with a round bolt head, or suitably sized round rod. then press fit the new bearing into place using a vice or similar. Just remember to ensure the bearing is the right way round (turns in the right direction). All replacement bearings are marked, to help you get this right.
If you would like further assistance please ask, or if you would like me to replace the bearing for you, just buy one first so we can exchange details. (the only charge for this service is return postage)