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HPI 3.5, K4.6 and K5.9 Pull Start kit. Unbreakable cord, & 12mm Starter shaft



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If you have tried to find a pull start for a K4.9 or 5.6 engine, you will know that they are very difficult to find as they use an unusual 9mm hex starter shaft. In fact they are no longer made, and most stocks have now been depleted.

This is a replacement Pull start kit that contains a starter shaft that converts the 9mm hex to a 12mm hex allowing the use of a modern standard pull start. The kit also includes a high quality unbreakable (stronger than steel) cord pull start and bolts to fit the HPI Engines.

If you break this cord, I will replace the pull start free of charge.(does not include pull start breakages where pull start has been pulled out too far)

Kit contains

1 x 12mm Starter shaft to replace existing 9mm shaft

1 x Pull Start made with Kevlar / Carbon Fibre cord (stronger than Steel)

4 x Pull Start bolts. 2.5mm x 10mm Hex head.

Pull starter case measures 27mm between fixing hole centres and 32mm across the complete width.

Please note the K4.6 and 5,9 engines are high compresssion engine and cheap pull starts will not be strong enough for these engines.