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1/10 Guaranteed Unbreakable Pull Start Cord 55cm



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If you are fed up with your pull start continually breaking , then you need a Kevlar / Carbon Fibre cord replacement which is stonger than steel, and is guaranteed unbreakable.

If you break this cord through normal pull start operation, I will replace it free of charge.

This cord is 1.2mm thick and 60cm long, and is super strong. It  is an ideal replacement for Nitro Engine Starters.  The ends have been treated to prevent fraying, and make it easier to use when threading.

(Handle and pull start is for illustration only. It is not included as part of the sale)

If you need help with rewinding a pull start please look at the links on my "help and Advice pages" where you will find a YouTube link to a video which shows you how.

Alternatively I can rewind a broken pull start for you at a cost of £14.99 which includes return postage. just send me an email to rcscrapyardspares.com for details.