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Magnetic Storage tray for nuts bolts tools etc, complete with self adhesive magnetic pad



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There is nothing worse when working on models that a nut or bolt rolling off the table never to be seen again.

This Magentic tray will stop that happening. Simply place any removed items in the tray and they will stick, so you will never again wonder where they have dissapearded to.

The tray also has sides, so you can store other parts such as plastic or aluminium which are not magnetic, without fear of losing them.

Each tray comes with a self adhesive magnetic stick on pad, which is strong enough to hold your parts but not soi strong as to magentise them. The pad can be suck inside the tray to hld parts, or anderneath the tray to allow the entire tray to stick to something metal (Vice etc) 

Available in a range of colours. A random colour will be sent to you. If you have a preference please leave me a note at checkout and I will do my best to accommodate.