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Blitzer Beetle Complete Starter set (includes everything) 58502


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The 1/10 scale Holiday Buggy was one of Tamiya’s classic R/C car kits from the 1970’s. It is now  available as an updated  re-release assembly kit. (Your Dad probably had one!)

A very popular powerful electric radio control car assembly kit with a custom body and large diameter tyres used on the Volkswagen Beetle called "Beach Buggy, or Baja Bug" that used to be seen on the califonian beaches, or in off-road races set in the desert.

Lightweight and strong, a 4-wheel double wishbone suspension equipped with a CVA oil damper is adopted for the high bathtub style frame. The big tyres show exactly how the  full-scale chassis mechanism has superb  high grip even when used vigorously on rough roads.

The body is made of realistic, high-impact resistant styrene resin and includes light covers and door mirrors with plated parts to enhance the sense of scale. In addition, stickers for colouring with a flashy period splash pattern is included. A driver is also set in position to add a realistic feel to the powerful running machine.

This car features an oil damper rear wheel drive chassis which is equipped with a 4-wheel double wishbone suspension system. The main frame is a light and strong ABS resin bathtub type, making it is easy to incorporate the radio gear required. A 540 motor is mounted on the rear end to both balance the car for sped, and to drive the rear wheels.

The gearbox is fully dust sealed, for  extra gritty conditions, and contains a built-in differential gear, which allows independent rear wheel rotation,  that in turn creates smooth cornering. The suspension is a fully independent double wishbone 4-wheel sysyems, and the car if fitted with a highly rigid monocock type lower arm at the front to reliably absorb severe impacts. Combined with the CVA oil damper, this wishbone system provides smooth supple movement.

The front tyres have three ribs and pin spikes that enhance straight-line stability, and the rear tyres have pin spikes and a high grip that combines two rows of cross patterns in the center of the tread.  all are a large diameter type providing excellent cushioning, and dynamic runs through the roughest of rough off-road conditions.

DT-02 chassis is the perfect way for R/C novices to start enjoying the wonderful hobby of Radio Control.
• Compatible with a range of Hop-Up Option parts
• Type 540 Tamiya Torque brushed motor as standard.
• Includes Tamiya ESC


  • 1/10 scale R/C assembly kit
  • Durable resin body is molded in Black and comes with side mirror parts
  • Driver figure included
  • The tough, lightweight ABS bathtub chassis features a rear-mounted motor, rear-wheel drive layout
  • 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension is equipped with C.V.A. oil filled shock units and extremely durable monocoque-type lower arms
  • The front spiked tyres feature three ribs for enhanced stability while the rear tires feature both spikes and an X-shaped tread pattern along the center to ensure high levels of grip
  • Fully-enclosed gearbox protects against dirt and debris
  • Tamiya forward and reverse ESC
  • 540 type motor included 


  • Overall length 394mm
  • Overall width 295mm
  • Overall height 182mm
  • Wheel base = 260mm

None !

This kit is supplied as a complete set with all radio gear, servos, and suitable NiMH recharageable battery. It even comes with  batteries for the Controller..

If you gave this as a Christmas or Birthday present, you would need nothing else to Complete it (except normal modelling tools, Screwdriver, Modelling knife etc)