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COPS Hyper Pull start Repair kit for High Compression Nitro Engines.



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If you are having problems finding a replacement pull start for your car, or you are fed up with yours keep breaking, then this kit will enable you to repair your pull start, and probably make it stronger than the original.

This is the upgraded kit with ultra strong pull cord designed for High Compression engines. Also ideal for repairing the Hyper COPS pull starts.

The kit includes

60cm Almost Unbreakable Kevlar/ Carbon Fibre  based replacement  Cord, New Coil Spring, Pull Start Handle, Pull Start Handle Cord Guide and fixing screws (may need to be cut to length.)

This is a 1.2mm thick, 60cm long almost unsnappable cord replacement which will fit most pull starts. It is made with a blend of Kevlar and Carbon Fibre and has a high breaking strength. (The ends of this  cord have been treated and sealed to prevent fraying whilst threading and make replacement very easy.

If you need help with how to rewind a pull start, please see my video, which is on youtube. the link can be found on the "Help and Advice" page of my web site at rcscrapyard.com,

Fits many 1/10 and 1/8 pull starts including these which I am asked about most regularly. All you need is the case and spool from your original pull start.

All Hobao or Hyper or COPS Pull Starts

All Kyosho pull starts

All HPI pull starts

All Thunder Tiger, including Pro12, Pro 15 and Pro18

All CEN pull starts

All OS pull starts

If in doubt. Please ask