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RC Mini Radio controlled car, In a desgner ring pull case fully rechargeable




An amazing performace RC car - with Lights, full controls and recargeable battery - In Minature!

This is a real radio conrolled car, which comes complete with a fully functional controller, four traffic cones and full instructions all in a convenient Coke can size case. The car has a flexible metal aerial and is NOT connected to the controller by wires, as are many others. This is full radio control. 

Simply put two AA batteries into the controller, screw in the aerial, and then attach the car to the controller, for charging. Charging takes about ten minutse and provides about 10-15 minuites drive time.

The car is Omni-directional with a fully functional controller which allows left / right / forward / backward

This car is quick! In testing these we setup a course in our kitchen and had a competition doing figure of eight around the cones supplied and got some real drifting action going on. We were amazed at the speed of these, and the handling ability!.

The car can be stored in a coke can style container when not in use which looks good on any bedroom shelf. The top of the container is removeable and replaceble, so there is no need to pull the (dummy) ring pull.

Part of a mini radio control tracing series, this car operates on 27Mhz AM and has a range of about 10 metres.

A great brithday present !