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Build your own Ferrari F1 Radio Controlled 2.4Ghz fully functioning car



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A 65 piece  fully functiong remote controlled racing car to build yourself, without any tools or glue. This is the ultimate kit  made with German engineering from JAMARA. The vehicle is a snap together piece by piece kit which will leave you with a very smart looking 1:16 scale vehicle that is fully ready to run. A decal sheet for the true-to-original look is also supplied, and is  just one more highlight of this high-quality deluxe car model. With the included ergonomic remote control, you hold the keys to the car in your hand, just like in a real race car, and reach speeds up to 11 Km/h. Easy-to-learn controls lets the model do exactly what you tell it to. So its Lights out and away we go with this incredibly detailed RC kit car.

Kit for extra long fun
The special feature of this model is that it is a 65-piece kit to build yourself. All parts are connected by simply snapping them together. Neither glue nor tools are needed for this.

True to colour, based on the original manuafurers paint
All Deluxe Car models from JAMARA are robotically painted. This process is unique to licensed vehicles. Instead of a simple dyed plastic, this painting process uses paints that are based on the original colour of the vehicle manufacturer.


 2.4GHz for multiplayer operation (many models can be used together without interference) This is an Officially licensed  and True to original paintwork kit car. Components are connected by simply plugging them together No tools or glue necessary Decal sheet included The kit also includes batteries for the car and controller.


 Forward/Reverse Left/Right Stop

Dimensions ( length × width × height ): 27,50 × 11,30 × 6,90 cm
Product weight: 0,38 Kg
Shipping weight: 0,79 Kg


Product details

Driving time approx. (min.): 60
Colour: red
Top speed approx. (km/h): 11
License: Yes
scale: 1:16


Whats in the box !

 Model consists of 65 parts Remote control 2,4GHz Instructions

Batteries are included with this model