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RCScrapyard - Tuning & Maintaining Nitro Engines - A Beginners Guide


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If you are having problems getting your engine started, after a period of time, or if it is brand new, thiis booklet is packed full of hints and tips to help you. It takes you through a step by step guide on what to check, how it should look, and what could be the problem.

In additon if you are up and running but just want to ensure your engine is performing at its peek, there is assistance to help you achieve the best running conditions.

Also included is a manufactures table with a selection of common negines and their default factory carburettor settings.

This guide is designed with the novice in mind, and  gets straight to the point. No waffle. It has helped many in the past and I hope it helps you!

Of course feedback for further improvement is always welcome too.