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Nitro Starter kit with UK Charger and 1800mAh rechargeable Glow Starter



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Nitro Starter Kit.

Essential for any nitro model.

Designed to work with any size Nitro Glow Start Engine

1800mah Glow Starter + Charger UK Plug - to fit 8mm socket glow plugs (thats nearly all of them)
2 Strong Screwdrivers (Cross and flat head)
1 large Aluminum Hex Wrench for glow plugs, wheels etc
1 small Aluminum hex wrench for everything else
Eazy fill fuel bottle (includes cap holder, so you can't lose it)
Instructions for use:

1) Pull glow starter lever up
2) Plug the charger end into where the glowplug goes.
3) Plug in and charge

Required time to charge: 6 hours first charge. 5 to 6 hours theirafter.

Material: Plastic
Input: 240V 0.5-2A (Low Power Consumption)
Output: DC 1.2V 500mA
Connector: Glow Plug Male