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4ch Analog Digital Servo Tester ESC Consistency - RC Boat Car Plane



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A universal servo tester, that can fully test functionality of  up to four RC Servos, and RC ESC's (Electronic Speed Controller) to ensure consistency of operation, and mobility.
This will work with all servos that have three wires. Red/White/Black wire, or an Orange/Red/Black wire. It will not work with servos that have a blue wire.  It will also work with Servos that require seperate power (five wire servos) but power will need to be supplied to the servo seperately.
1.Test up to 4 Together: Output can be synchronized to control 4 servos.
2.Accurate Testing: Use to compare the steerimg performance control of the steering servo output signal. Is accurate to 2us in iether direction. (1 milliseconds = 1000 microseconds) For testing to see if the steering servo is able to respond to subtle changes. Especially good for professional racing servos. 
3.PWM Signal mode: With PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) signal test function set, the input PWM signal changes and passes a varied PWM signal output to the servo which is Energized automatically. This can also be done manually, via manual mode which provides Pulses of 20us @ 50Hz and  analog servo signal cycle, 
at frequency 50Hz.
4.Adjustable:rotary potentiometers to decrease or increase the width of the output pulse. 
5.3 Modes:S-1 manual mode (Manual)/S-2-bit mode (Neutral)/S-3 automatic mode (Automatic)
1.This is a high accuracy digital Srtvo and ESC tester, with full control.
2.You can test control 4 servos or ESC's (or a mix) at the same time and change the test modes as you need.
3.With a rotary potentiometer, you can decrease or increase the width of the output pulse.
Material: Plastic + Electronics
Input voltage: DC 4.8~6V
Output signal width: 800~2200us
Button Functions : (Note: the key switch function, circulation patterns) 
1. S-1 manual mode (Manual) 
2. S-2-bit mode (Neutral) 
3. S-3 automatic mode (Automatic) 
Keys pulse width: 
1. 50Hz analog servo signal cycle 20us frequency 50Hz 
2. 125Hz digital the steering gear a signal cycle 8us frequency 125Hz 
3. 250Hz Digital Servo signal cycle 4us frequency 250Hz
Item weight:24g
Item Size: 75mmx36mmx23mm
Package information:
Package size: 140 x 98 x 30mm / 5.5 x 3.9 x 1.2in
Package weight: 36g / 1.3oz
Package List:
1 x Digital Servo Tester / ESC Consistency Tester to test control 4 servos at the same time and change the test modes as you need. Supplied in Anti Static bag.