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29cm Flexible Metal Aerial



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An ideal replacement for the plastic straw aerials which break very easily, this is a full metal construction RC aerial which will work with the following RC systems

 This is a 29cm Sprung Aerial

AM and FM 27Mhz and AM 40MHz
AM and FM 35MHz
AM and FM 75MHz
2.4GHz digital systems

Each aerial comes with a crimp / solder tag to allow easy connection of the receiver wire to the aerial. There is no need to cut the wire or make it shorter as this aerial will compensate. Just coil any excess wire and place it in the receiver / battery box. (or cable tie it out of the way.

The aerial consists of a sprung steel wire construction fitted into a solid brass base, which has been tapped to accept an M3 metric screw (supplied). the tag can be crimped or soldered, whichever is easier. The top of the aerial is capped with a plastic cover to prevent sharp edges.