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2.4GHZ 3CH RC Transmitter, Receiver and Servo set + Battery holder and Switch. built in failsafe.



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This is an ideal Radio and complete electrical set for use with any Radio control car or boat set requiring two or three channels.

The set consists of everything you need to control a Car, Buggy, Truck or Boat.

Kit includes

1 x 2.4Ghz Controller with detachable battery clip

1 x Waterproof three channel reciever with built in failsafe.

1 x MG995 Metal Geared servo - Ideal for steering with high torque and precise action.

1 x MG946 Metal Geared servo - Perfect for Throttle and brake with fast operation.

1 x On Off switch - Standard size

1 x AA battery clip, which takes 4 x AA Batterys for providing power to the reciever.

The kit comes with two servo's as standard but a third can be fitted if required to operate a reverse, gear, or a seperate channel, including LED lights etc.

It is a 2.4Ghz Controller Transmitter with matching Receiver, using a seperate band to avoid interference from outside sources, which in turn gives a range of up to 1KM (depending on conditions) 

The transmitter uses 4 x AA batteries which are held in the base. It includes reversable trim controls for both steering and throttle / Brake. The third channel can be ignored for two channel cars, or used for an aux, or reverse on three channel cars. Steering and throttle are fully proportional, so can be used with both Digital and Analogue servos. The Battery charge status is shown via a multi colour LED on the controller panel.

The reciever is fully waterproof, and has a built in failsafe, which automatically closes the throttle and puts the brakes on in the event that it loses connection with the transmitter. It has three channels, plus one for the battery connection. The servo connections are universal, and will fit almost all types of servo that use the Red / Black / White wiring or Red / Orange / Brown wiring configuration. It is not suitable for those servos that use a blue wire.

The set comes fully packed in a retail box, and contains clear, easy to understand instructions in good English (and Chinese if you need it!)

This is an excellent set for use with both Nitro and Electric powered vehicles, and is remarkably responsive and easy to use.

Batteries not included.