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Pull Start suitable for the Kyosho GX 12 and 15 engines.



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If you have tried to find a pull start for the Kyosho GX 12 or 15 engines, or engines with a similar 1/10 backplate, you will know that they are no longer available, and almost impossible to find.
For that reason, RCScrapyard have created a specially designed backplate, and one way bearing, and put it together with our guaranteed unbreakable cord pull start to make an ideal replacement for the original pull start. As this item is based on a standard pull start, when, in the future it does need renewing, it can be fitted with a standard pull start, and niot the proprietory Kyosho one.
The adaptor plate offsets the pull start by a few degrees, but we have ensured that this will not foul any car parts or impede performance.
The pull start kit comes with for screws to attach it and a specially adapted one way bearing to cope with the 2mm additional depth.
The kit includes:-
1 x Unbreakable pull start fitted to an adaptor plate to suit the GX engines.
1 x adapted one way bearing
4 x fixing screws.
Note :- The engine in the pictures is for illustration only, it is NOT part of the sale.