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7.4V Lipo Battery 2S 50C 6000 mAh Hard Case with T style red connector + USB Balance charger



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High Power output Lipo battery with Hard Case, for use with Radio controlled RC Cars, Buggies and Trucks.
Comes with USB style Balance Battery Charger
Works well with Brushed electric and Brushless models.
Fitted with Deans style Red (T) connector. 


Battery Chemistry: Lithium Polymer
Voltage: 7.4V
Capacity: 6000mAh
Discharge Rate(C): 50C
Configuration: 2S1P
Connector Type: Deans Plug
Balancer Connector Type: JST-XH
Length: 138mm/5.43inch
Width: 47mm/1.85inch
Height: 25mm/0.98inch
Battery Weight(dev.10g): 250g/8.8oz/pc

Lipo Batteries contaun a high quantity of Lithium, which can be voliatile when charged. To protect yourself and your property when charging, always use a Lipo safe Charging bag, to contain the battery. Type item number 284455210200 in the search bar above for the RCScrapyard Lipo safe bag.